Truden’s Cheneyesque sound bite |

Truden’s Cheneyesque sound bite

Dear Editor:

This morning I heard a sound bite from our district attorney complaining that her misuse of tax dollars has been mischaracterized. Ms. Truden complained that Mick Ireland and others had asked her dishonest questions by inquiring whether or not her husband was on the payroll. Because she was paying him as a contractor, she feels that her technically correct but ethically bankrupt answer in the negative was wholly proper.

I think the average middle schooler would have no difficulty identifying this behavior as dishonest. Ms. Truden seems to be cribbing from the puppeteer-in-chief Cheney’s playbook to feign indignation at the inability of those investigating impropriety to ask precisely the right questions during the process of discovery.

Perhaps Truden could secure the services of President AWOL to bestow on her that prized benediction: “You’re doin’ a heck of a job, Trudey!”

Jeffrey Flood

Aspen Village

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