Truden still not being true |

Truden still not being true

Dear Editor:Colleen Truden continues to mislead the public. Her most recent misrepresentations are in the recall election ballot. As part of her justification for her actions, she states that my administration left her a $40,000 debt and that she saved $7,000 by upgrading the computer system. Both of these claims are false.We closed our books in January to complete our annual audit before Truden took office. We had a $43,000 surplus of unused county funds. We returned $9,945.09 to Pitkin County, $3,903.46 to Rio Blanco County, and made no further draws against the approximately $30,000 remaining in the Garfield County appropriation. We paid all 2004 bills we had received and advised Truden to contact the counties if she needed to draw on 2004 funds to pay late arriving bills. All funds spent against the 2005 budget by my administration were properly payable from the 2005 budget.When I left office last January, the computer system was in good working order. That system had the capability of sharing data with not only the other offices in our judicial district, but throughout the state. We had a maintenance agreement with a local computer support firm with a monthly fee of $1,080 that was paid up through the end of January. Truden immediately took steps to replace that system at a cost to the taxpayers of $22,000. Without using the firm that was familiar with the system and already paid, she hired a second firm to install her new system at a cost of $6,350. She also paid her husband $6,000 to assist.When asked by the Pitkin County commissioners if her husband was on the payroll, she denied it. It was only after an open records request forced her to turn over records proving payment to her husband that she admitted he had been paid. Her intent to deceive the commissioners is beyond question when her husband continued the cover up and denied he did anything for the DA’s office (The Aspen Times, May 5).If you value honesty and integrity in government, vote YES on Dec. 13.Mac MyersMancos

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