Trolly timeout is over |

Trolly timeout is over

Well, the week is up. I’ve honored Tony Hershey’s request to cool down and take some time out. I clearly misunderstood his request, for it was very apparent that the city did not take any time out.

The restored trolley is gone and the woman who gave Aspen $20,000 just a few months ago for its restoration must be feeling pretty bad right now.

It is still not too late for the council to show its compassion for the 46 percent of Aspen voters who liked the trolleys. Mind you, more voters supported the trolley than the straight shot.

It is not too late to keep and restore another one or two of the five remaining trolleys. The money has been committed by another local.

It is not too late to show some fiduciary responsibility and offer to sell the city asset to local Kip Wheeler, who proposes to do everything council professes it wants for them (get them off city property, restore them and place them in safe-keeping until they can be used as transportation).

Ed Sadler said that the city is trying to find a good home for them. Let me tell you about the homes.

New Zealand, according to The Aspen Times, is not using one of the trolleys for parts ? they are using it to make patterns for new parts. Tell me please, what the difference is?

Tucson does not have the same track gauge and already engineers have said the gauge cannot be converted. The Washington state group is a museum and will lay down an extra rail. This whole affair stinks to high heaven! Call the council.

Jon Busch


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