Trolleys, not flower pots |

Trolleys, not flower pots

I would like to make it clear that as a supporter of trolleys and member of the Aspen Street Railway Co., I am not affiliated with the recently formed Friends of the Trolley.

Their objectives are not my objectives. I joined the ASRC and became a strong supporter when I realized trolleys really do vitalize a community by providing business and civic benefits. Trolleys support the objectives of ACRA, CCLC, DIG, BSC and the city’s master, civic, and infill plans.

Aspen is seeking to differentiate itself and vitalize its downtown and civic core. Thirty communities have recently benefited by implementing trolleys in similar situations. I want to implement a trolley system because it makes sense, not create trolley flower pots.

Their words are not my words. It was an established ASRC rule we would not get into arguments or make accusations. We wanted to inform the public and give them an opportunity for an informed vote.

We brought a respected trolley consultant, at his expense, to Aspen to answer questions raised on behalf of the community who was ridiculed by the Friends of the Trolley. Give Tony Hershey a break.

We did succeed. The trolleys received more total votes than the entrance. I thank all that voted.

Kip Wheeler


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