Trolleys add Victorian charm |

Trolleys add Victorian charm

(This letter was originally addressed to Aspen Mayor Helen Klanderud.)

I want to make sure that there are no misunderstandings regarding my intentions. The reason why I proposed that the city keep three trolleys for fixed use was that someone had suggested that the high school needs a concession stand. I think that Victorian trolleys add Victorian charm to a Victorian town and I would prefer that any trolleys that we keep stay in town. I asked for three so that two of them would be in town. If we don’t give one to the high school, I request two trolleys be kept for Aspen’s use and the other four trolleys be given away or sold.

Here is my offer. I am willing to commit to raising the $23,000 to restore a second trolley so that we can have one trolley for merchandise sales at the Music Festival and keep the previously restored trolley for downtown tourist information downtown. I will donate $5000, I have already raised $5000, and I agree to raise the remaining sum to restore the second trolley. I commit to you that I have NO interest in putting the trolleys on rail, so, as Friends of the Trolley, I have a different interest than the Aspen Railway group.

After 18 years of an unresolved situation, please allow me to donate and raise the funds to restore a second trolley so that Aspen can keep two trolleys to enhance Aspen’s Victorian charm. I am willing to send a check for the full amount immediately so that the second trolley can be preserved. I think that this creates a win-win situation which will satisfy and please everyone. Thank you for your consideration.

Susan C. O’Neal

Friends of the Trolley

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