Trolley folks say thanks |

Trolley folks say thanks

The trolley group wishes to thank the City Council for allowing the subject of the trolleys to be placed before the public as a possible ballot issue in November.

Locals have indicated, by nearly 1,000 signatures gathered in only a few hours a day over an eight-day span, there is a minimum interest to substantial enthusiasm. Locals and others want to see this on a ballot.

We understand that ballot wording will include some needed “threshold information” for the voters to make an intelligent choice. Having a great deal of technical information, our organization will be willing to work “shoulder to shoulder” with the city’s designee to help update and put forth this information to the public.

Many have expressed that the trolleys would be part of a new winter impetus in attracting visitors that don’t necessarily ski by adding something unique to the downtown core. Trolleys could certainly be part of a program to cut down on the heavy traffic that moves from parking space to parking space, and in and out of the commercial core.

Trolleys in the center of Aspen would connect the shopping area around the post office to Galena – a street that intercepts all the comers of the Mall – with Rubey Park and the proximity of Aspen Mountain.

We also wish to thank the wonderful broad support from the citizens who signed the petition, thereby asking to vote and exercise their democratic right to do so on a threshold issue.

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The people who took time from their busy work schedules to show up for City Council are also to be greatly commended. It is to them that we owe our greatest appreciation for their time.

Camilla Sparlin

The Trolley Group (officially known as The Aspen Street Railway Co.)

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