Trojan Horse museum approved |

Trojan Horse museum approved

Dear Editor:

I agree with Andy Stone; it appears a Trojan Horse in the form of the proposed Aspen Art Museum is upon us – but it has already been approved without any of the normal process of public review. I don’t understand council’s reasoning for the following:

How does the City Council reconcile their claim to want to reduce traffic and congestion in downtown Aspen – then approve a huge monolithic museum in the center of town?

How does City Council justify truck deliveries and unloading in the commercial center of town? Did anyone ask Sandy’s Office Supply if they’re willing to sacrifice customer parking?

How does the City Council reconcile their claim to want to follow a community plan – then decide to break the law by abandoning the standard procedures for building approval by claiming it’s more expedient not to follow the rules?

How can council not understand truncating the normal review process is a terrible precedent to set?

How can council not accept that one public review can be tainted and manipulated, which is why a full public review (three readings) is established as being required?

How does City Council justify wanting to maintain the charm of Victorian Aspen in the West End on the one hand – then approve the height, mass and design of this monstrosity in the center of town on the other hand?

How does the City Council justify their decision to approve a 47-foot-high building when common sense dictates that such a building will cast long shadows that prevent sun from melting snow and ice – thus risking broken bones from pedestrians falling on the north side of the building as well as auto accidents from the ice on the street?

How can the City Council subscribe to the Canary Initiative – then approve an inefficient energy hog?

How can City Council subject other developers to never-ending analysis of code requirements – then in one meeting, dismiss code violations as being expedient?

The Trojan Horse Art Museum has brought a double standard into our midst – that does not bring with it a community benefit as it has been approved by council.

Go back to the drawing board or back to Rio Grande Park.

Susan O’Neal


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