Trishy says thanks

Dear Editor:All Us Ladies! quits! (happily.) Thank you all for 15 unbelievable years in retail, and your support for keeping a local shop in business for the valley girls.Sadly, our economy has had a huge impact on my ability to keep a shop open. Financially, like a dog with a bone, I tried to save a valued service for our community and would never let go of my “fourth baby.”In truth, I did not have the deep pockets to survive this recession. Which brings me to the next subject. Trishy needs a job. Any headhunters out there? My résumé includes excellence at multitasking (I can do at least six jobs at once), and I have to say I have an excellent sense of humor. I am extremely hardworking and last, but not least, I am the captain of the S.S. Karma Cruise and, if you hire me, you can join my crew.I asked my sister, Louise, queen bartender at Bistro Basalt, if I could have a benefit (no presents, just throw money), but curiously she rolled her beautiful blue eyes at me and walked away shaking her head. What’s with that!All kidding aside, I love you all. Thanks to all my friends in the valley (28 years) and to my clients who became the best of friends. I know I am in your hearts. I truly feel your hugs and prayers for me. Thanks so much for so much! By the way, I have really big leftovers and they’re on sale!Come to my yard sale at 0057 Mountain Ct., at the Elk Run subdivision in Basalt, and take a peek inside Trishy’s life – you may be shocked and amazed, but sure to take home a treasure. Thank you, once more, for all your years of support.P.S. To whoever heisted Su Lum’s black pants! Do the right thing, OK?Trish Shimerowner of All Us Ladies (or did it own me?)Basalt