Tribute to Rita Blitt |

Tribute to Rita Blitt

Dear Editor:

On Tuesday, the Red Brick Center for the Arts will present a tribute to Rita Blitt for her many contributions to Aspen over past years. She is loved for her humanity, and her artworks are known at our Aspen Institute, at the Music Festival and School and in public places and galleries all over the country.

She is heralded in California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey and New York, to name a few, as

well as Singapore and Australia. We have an internationally acclaimed artist in our midst.

I salute her with this poem:


Her lines take flight – on paper

On canvas

In fluid structures –

Free like birds

In a rhythm of their own.

Listen to them sing,

God, listen to them sing.

I hear the song-it rings of joy, of hope,

Carries beams of light,

Brings courage

In all colors of the spectrum

To those who would hear,

To those who would see.

Carol H Ehrlich

Grand Lake

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