Tribute to Monte

Dear Editor:Now I lost Monte. What a huge loss. He had been my real brother. God bless him. I pray he is fishing on the clouds of heaven by the best ocean and/or river spot forever.Thomas E. Hughes was a true Christian. He never talked about it. He lived by the golden rule. When the wicked clan ran me over in the back while walking north in the pedestrian right of way on Sept. 28, 2001, a beautiful evening and a 100 percent inexcusable assault, the numerous churchgoing people who easily had the bucks to help me definitely did not. Monte on his very modest economic resources did. Monte came to see me in Grand Junction; he drove me; he handed me bills I never asked for. Monte proved he was a child of God, not of Satan as others’ inaction proved that they are.I know Monte is in heaven watching; his comforter surrounds us that knew him, that he helped clothe. His spirit of truth now literally manifests completely in what some name the ether, others call the quantum hologram, what I call the Holy Ghost energy field.We know he cared, he loved us. He loved being alive, in his most rich pristine way. Monte was a true man, a true American, a son of the American Revolution in lineage, in heart and in action. We were so privileged to know you, Thomas E. Hughes. Thank you forever. You blessed us. If one monetary male in Aspen were one-tenth the man that Monte was to me and all the others in his extended family, then that male would turn this nation around, restoring our land, our monies to the people – their divine work product, severing all bonds with the wicked subversive thieving clan forever. This is the time of the victory demanded in Revelations. Monte knew its necessity for America and thus the world.Margaret I. PullenAspen