Tree Farm over the top |

Tree Farm over the top

Dear Editor:

We are all concerned about the quality of life in our valley. I think most people would agree that more isn’t necessarily better: more cars, more traffic, more people, more houses, etc.. I’ve seen a lot of changes in our valley over the course of 40 years and much of that has improved our quality of life. I appreciate getting to the top of Aspen Mountain in 15 minutes as opposed to 45 minutes in the old days. It’s great to have a four lane road from Glenwood to Aspen, making the drive much shorter and safer.

But filling up rural land with suburban subdivisions I doubt would be an improvement to many people. The proposal for the Tree Farm in El Jebel, while to be commended for its commitment to green energy and deed restricted housing, is just such a development. Can you imagine the impact of 1,000 more people on top of the unbuilt portion of the Willits project to the already crowded mid-valley area? How will this be a good thing for our community? Survey after survey in Basalt has shown that of paramount importance to its residents is preserving the “small town feeling.” Where’s the tipping point? I think the Tree Farm will be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Why can’t the Eagle County commissioners trust Basalt to control its own destiny and allow our city council to judge this project’s merits and how it fits in to our overall vision for the future of our community?

Bruce Gabow


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