Treatment-plant tour shows it’s all in the water |

Treatment-plant tour shows it’s all in the water

Christina Medved with the Roaring Fork Conservancy educates tour participants about the Roaring Fork watershed Thursday afternoon.
Jeremy Wallace/The Aspen Times |

The Roaring Fork Conservancy hosted a free drinking-water tour Thursday evening at the city of Aspen Water Department. City of Aspen Environmental Health program Aspen Tap partnered the event, which toured the water-treatment facility and discussed the local watershed as well as the systems in place to maintain our clean and efficient water supply. The tour also offered a history of the Roaring Fork Watershed, the Continental Divide’s effect on the state and its uses — mostly for irrigation in the summertime — and snow in the winter.

Aspen’s high-mountain drinking-water-treatment facility treats water from Castle Creek, and as many as 8 million gallons of water move through the pipes in Aspen each day. The Water Department has provided potable water supply to Aspen since 1966 and can produce up to 20 million gallons daily and 1.4 billion gallons of treated surface water annually.

— Erica Robbie