Treated like queens |

Treated like queens

Dear Editor:

The music festival was, of course, wonderful. So was the service which myself and two friends consistently found throughout Aspen. Our trio of downvalley ladies beyond a certain age, and of modest means, was deeply gratified by the warmth and kindness that underlined every encounter, from the Paradise to the library; from the ticket windows at the Wheeler and Harris Hall; to the tent and the pharmacy; and to the many Aspenites who gave us friendly smiles on the street.

At the forefront of our appreciation are gracious Monica and her charming staff at Explore who treated consumers of the locals special like the highest of rollers, the waitstaff at Asie whose faces were wreathed in welcoming smiles at our entrance as though we wined and dined there on a nightly basis instead of dropping in for an occasional frugal lunch, and Liz from the music festival who took the time to precisely explain intricacies of the locals pass.

Then, there is our means of transportation. I want to thank Dan Blankenship for taking the time to listen to a caller’s feedback on a new route, and then chat about future routes, and Debra at Rubey Park for her patience in answering questions and the promptness with which she got a vending machine fixed. Our trio hopes to be riding RFTA all the way to a much anticipated future of express buses frequently running between Glenwood and Aspen throughout the day and deep into the Roaring Fork night.

Judith King

Glenwood Springs