Treat constituents better |

Treat constituents better

(This letter was originally addressed to Aspen Mayor Helen Klanderud.)Dear Editor:I voted for you believing that you were interested in and willing to work for Aspen’s best interests. I looked forward to seeing you in action.What I have not seen is a woman engaged in the community’s best interests. Maybe this role as mayor is overwhelming; possibly the job has turned into an academic social experiment, from which you have distanced yourself, I am unsure. But your vote to remove Andrew Kole from the CCLC tells me you are not paying full attention.I have worked with Andrew. I have complained about Andrew. He isn’t easy; he’s not sweet, but he is engaged; he’s paying attention. And whether we agree with him or not, he is an important voice in this community.We are all partners (however unwilling we may be!) in this social experiment called democracy. Experiments are not predictable or easy; they require our respect and attention – a gentle reminder from your voting constituency to treat these complex characters in our community with more care.Claudia K. CunninghamAspen

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