Treacherous walking |

Treacherous walking

Dear Editor:

Has anyone walked on Cooper Street between Aspen and Monarch after dark? I have, and it’s not pleasant. As a matter of fact, it’s downright dangerous. No sidewalks, icy rutted street and totally dark. It’s a real adventure to navigate this stretch of Cooper, day or night on foot.

I live at 210 Cooper where we have experienced Limelight construction for months. When the construction project first began, it was walk Cooper to town, if you must.

Then, there was a covered lighted walk way (long gone) and now nothing but a dark icy street. Pity the tourist making their way to and from downtown Aspen.

Where is Aaron Reed and the city of Aspen engineering department enforcement of the construction management plan for the Limelight?

I say shame on the city of Aspen for allowing this situation to continue for months on end.

Jim Scull