Transit future is light rail |

Transit future is light rail

Dear Editor:Contrary to the views expressed by Jeffrey Evans and John Tindall in recent letters to the editor, leadership on transit-related issues in Aspen will be realized when our elected officials, as some of them have in the past, recognize that our future and preservation of our quality of life will not be served by a four-lane highway, but will only come with alternatives to the automobile. For Mr. Evans, Tip No. 7: A solution to transportation will only be realized when we recognize that our future is dependent on mass transit, specifically light rail, and not on more lanes of asphalt creating more traffic and air pollution. Mayor Klanderud and the other members of the Aspen City Council who have recognized the need for long-term, mass transit solutions to transportation should be commended, not berated by this pro-highway contingent.Lisa MarkalunasAspen

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