Transients pow-wow in Aspen cops’ new building

Staff report

The Aspen Police Department’s new building on Main Street won’t be open until next summer, but it’s already drawing scofflaws.

Officers responded to the building under construction at 540 E. Main St. on Sunday at about 8:45 p.m. and heard male voices coming from inside the construction site, according to a police report.

Inside a concrete room on the building’s ground floor, the officers found five men — including three transients — and charged them with trespassing. One of the men, Davey Naranjo, 34, told officers his boss at Shaw Construction had given him permission to sleep at the site for the “next couple months,” the report states.

Those given Aspen Municipal Court summons for trespassing include Justin Schaaf, 34; Nicholas Olson, 25; and Shane Lizer, 30, all identified as transients, as well as Kevin Buechler, 26, of Silt and Naranjo of Fort Collins.