Trails kudos |

Trails kudos

Dear Editor:Once again, we owe a thank you to Austin Weiss and his staff for the tremendous job they have done this winter on the cross country ski trails. They have consistently been well groomed for both classic and skate skiing.One needs to be reminded from time to time how fortunate we are to have such an expansive and free network of nordic ski trails. Justin Freeman (who is a member of the U.S. nordic ski team and placed second in the Owl Creek Chase several weeks ago) returned last week with his wife to Aspen for several days. After skiing most of the trails, including up to Maroon Lake, he praised the system and compared it to some of the best he has skied in Europe.Thanks to the town of Snowmass, the city of Aspen, and Pitkin County for supporting the nordic trail system.Peter LooramAspen

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