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‘Trailer Park’ a misnomer

Dear Editor:

I take exception to your Aug. 3 cover page depicting the Woody Creek Park Subdivision as a “trailer park.” This is derogatory and inaccurate. A trailer park is commonly described as an area of land intended for “travel trailers” towed behind a vehicle for recreational or transient purposes.

A “mobile home park” is intended for “prefabricated homes” transported by semi-tractors and are usually placed in a permanent location. The reference to “Trailer Park” is stereotypically assigned to a view of poverty or lower class.

The Woody Creek Park is neither one. It is a subdivision consisting of 58 individually owned lots and homes. We currently have 41 mobile homes, 9 modulars and 5 more under construction or planned, and three conventional frame homes. Our estimated aggregate real estate value is approximately $9 million.

Woody Creek, Smuggler, Aspen Village and Lazy Glen have all been converted to subdivisions, and Phillips is the sole remaining mobile home park. There are no “trailer parks” in Pitkin County.

Lanny Curtis

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