Trail of disturbance |

Trail of disturbance

Editor’s note: This letter was originally addressed to Pitkin County Open Space and Trails and Aspen Mayor Mick Ireland.

Dear Editor:The East of Aspen trail was built capriciously at your insistence during the summer of 2008. We now understand that you will build a parallel trail along Highway 82, something similar to the one we proposed two years ago along with an offer to contribute toward its cost.We now have walkers with cell phones, hikers, bicyclers going at top speed, children with wagons and dogs without leashes using our tiny yard to “poop” in.All this within “handshake” distance of our back door. (A “poop bag” station at the entrance to the trail would be helpful.)However, a new disturbance has occurred. In the last few days, after dark, we were alerted by our dog to people walking through our back yard with miner’s lamps on their heads in the darkness. This seems a little too much!First of all, we should be able to have peace and quiet after dark instead of wondering if we have a burglar. Second, we have had three bear break-ins and one baby bear looking into our back door (no doubt the mother was not far away). These late-night people are greatly at risk of confronting a bear. I greatly urge you, in everyone’s interest, to close the trail to traffic after dark.On top of everything, the Board of Equalization appraised the house at an unrealistically enormous market price, not considering that the trail has devalued the property by 30 percent or more. Who would buy a house where a stream of strangers are constantly pouring past the breakfast room door – unless at a drastic bargain price.Kurt P. DuldnerAspen

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