Tragedy of Food & Wine |

Tragedy of Food & Wine

Dear Editor:Once again, the time has come and passed where Aspen creates something truly amazing. Only just a short time ago, Aspen Food & Wine celebrated with new dishes, great speakers, amazing chefs and a superb beauty that I have seen nowhere else. So with all this positive commotion, why am I so sad?Because it is an illusion – a dark, caged, evil illusion.In reality, it is more like Aspen Rape and Slaughter. Rape, as in the thousands of acres of rainforest being cut down each minute so the land can play host to the growing cattle industry, or the decimation of the soil from 50-plus years of industrial agriculture. Or maybe the astounding number of insect catastrophes that have gone unrequited until very recently, with the advent of conscious (organic) farming, and the amazing number of species that go extinct daily because of our want and vanity. How about the poisoning of our water systems from massive byproduct, that is, animal feces, and the ravaging of our oceans.And slaughter for the millions of animals that died so that this four-day festival could taste so good. To the cows, whose lives as ruminate grass eaters have forever been altered by the advent of cheap, killing corn. To the chickens, which died without ever really flying, and spent nearly all their life bound in wire. To the other cows, whose lives resemble some nightmarish, sci-fi novel, wedded to machinery, sucked until death. Or to those other chickens, who were electrocuted for one last egg harvest, and then after that, were left to starve for two weeks in hopes of collecting one more last egg. Or to all the male babies whose ears, tails, testicles, and horns were removed without one vial of painkiller. And even those beings who were fed so much, so fast, so cruelly, like the geese with those metal feeding tubes, that they were unable to walk. To all these beings, which live in a rigid, metal contraption, built by demons, dying to die, and wanting just one day of true animal liberation.We should toast. We should thank. We should sit around TVs and watch their hard work and dire striving, and remind ourselves that we want this. That with every foie gras and every crme brulee, we are casting our moral vote that this is right, that this is joy. No folks, it isn’t. It is disgusting, arrogant awfulness. It is a tragedy far greater than any in all history. We say we are civilized, we say we are conscious, but we are fools. At no point in all of gaia’s being has a vision so retched, so vile, so evil, been so loved.Thompson BishopCarbondale