Traffic jams aren’t quaint |

Traffic jams aren’t quaint

Dear Editor:Here we go again. Near as I can tell traffic on Main Street is as bad as it gets – and it is still June! August will be a new low point for the small town feel for Aspen. To the staunch S-curvers/white shirts out there, I say that I appreciate your desire to retain some of Aspen’s old ambiance. Your goal is good, and from my perspective, your intentions are pure. However, there is nothing small-town about a traffic jam backed up to Paepcke Park. Additionally, there is no resemblance to the Aspen I remember in the ’70s when Main Street looks more like a parking lot than a main street and the West End feels like L.A. at rush hour.One can rationalize how to make the S-curves work all day, but it can never be fixed to the point it will work. A cut and cover through Marolt is the best answer. It should be four lanes (two in and two out), but I’d settle for two (in). The highway (yes highway) cleaves this community in two and is very unfriendly to pedestrians. The cut and cover provides an exceptional way to allow bikers, skiers, kids, strollers, joggers, etc. to cross the highway without worrying about cars. It also allows the hang gliders to keep landing. Additionally, I would encourage this community to seek other fun and environmental ways to move people around. Let’s get people out of cars by giving them positive alternatives.To our decision-makers I would say: Please, it is time to make real progress on a problem that has been building for decades and has certainly not been fixed. You can make Main Street 10 lanes, but as long as it leads to a two-lane bridge, it won’t work. I don’t see how the current plan makes our lives better or retains our Aspen “character.” Please come together to help us solve this issue.Scott WriterAspen

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