Traffic: A pain in my Aspen |

Traffic: A pain in my Aspen

Dear Editor:A lot of time and money has been wasted on meetings, studies, experiments, elections and opinions on the subject of traffic in Aspen … good old ZG!Well, here is not only an opinion but an actual event dealing with traffic in ZG [Aspen]. I give you the crib-note version: 4:08 p.m., I arrive at the Snowmass Village Roaring Fork Transportation Authority station at Snowmass Village Mall. 4:15: Glenwood bus tells me and waiting passengers that the Snowmass Village bus is waiting at Interceptius Lotius, waiting for the out of ZG downvalley bus that is severely backed up in traffic. And, no, he cannot take us to the intercept lot ’cause he goes left at Highway 82. No Interceptius Lotius, Latin for lots of time standing in cold!Long and short of it is, no bus came for 30 minutes, and that was the 4:45 RFTA ZG bus. I arrived at the intercept lot at 5:04 p.m. and waited a few more minutes for another late RFTA bus out of ZG, held up by traffic. Then, to my destination (the AABC/airport) stop at 5:13. One hour to go from Snowmass Village Mall to the airport … all because of traffic out of Aspen.City Council has approved $100,000 for a center-lane RFTA bus lane next summer that will trim 3.40 minutes (plus or minus), or a few tenths of a second, off the out-of-ZG bus. Wow! Next time it will be only 54 minutes from Snowmass Village to the Aspen Airport Business Center! I can jog there faster!No more studies, trails, meetings, experiments, trials, studies, meetings, more studies or meetings! Asspen (no typo there) has a traffic problem! I challenge all City Council members, Aspen homeowners, timeshare-holders, ZG locals, and all other upvalley royalty (who think a straight shot into Aspen will create more traffic and a divided town) to ride RFTA with me! Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m., I can be reached at six-mile line of traffic from ZG to Buttermilk is dividing your little town and making it a pain in my Asspen to commute there and wipe your ZG, cook your food, make your beds, build your $6 million third home, make your Starbucks latte frappucino lite, tune your skis, take you on a Krabloonik dog sled dinner ride (hahaha), or whatever job we do.It is not RFTA’s fault! It’s poor politics, out-of-state resident second/third-home owner-voters, and stupidity! I would almost call it discrimination. Fix this problem. If you’re going to waste my tax dollars on a new Maroon Creek bridge, give me four lanes into town so I can pay for some parking, or move my car every two hours (which just adds to the total cost of building your ZG vacation palace).A bottleneck is a bottleneck, regardless of how close it is to town.John NormanCarbondale

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