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Traditional Medicine

Aspen Clinic Internal Medicine Associates 100 E. Main (970) 925-5440

General and preventive internal medicine

Orthopaedic Associates of Aspen and Glenwood Springs 100 E Main Aspen (970) 925-4141

Orthopaedic and Hand Surgery, Sports Medicine

Mid Valley Clinic Basalt (970) 925-4141

Community Health Services 405 Castle Crk Rd #6 (970) 920-5420

Roaring Fork Dermatology 23262 Two Rivers Rd Basalt (970) 927-4731

Aspen-Basalt Care Clinic 1450 E. Valley Rd Basalt (970) 927-6107

Aspen Center for Women’s Health 605 W. Main (970) 925-8005

Mid Valley Medical Center 1450 E. Valley Rd, Basalt (970) 927-6200

Family practice, pediatrics, orthopedic associates of Aspen and Glenwood

All Valley Women’s Care Aspen Center for Women’s Health Aspen-Basalt Care Clinic

Roaring Fork Physical Therapy

Pain Center of the Roaring Fork Valley

Ear, nose and throat care