Toxic Easter |

Toxic Easter

Dear Editor:

In reference to the front-page photograph of the Easter sculpture in the backyard of the McDavid residence on Adams Avenue ski run at Snowmass (“Egg-cellent run,” March 23): The caption claims that it took 25 cans of spray paint to color this snow sculpture. I’m very concerned: First, did the McDavids use a paint that’s environmentally safe, i.e., is this some type of watercolor paint or a special paint that’s designed for painting snow without harming the water table or environment?

I think it’s fair to ask if this sculpture will be a source of pollution when it melts. I urge others in the community to call the mayor’s office in Snowmass and make the same inquiry.

If the McDavids used toxic paint to selfishly celebrate Easter and draw attention to themselves, then they need to explain themselves. I urge the Snowmass community to do something about this mess before it turns into a toxic-waste melt when warm weather comes. I’m also wondering if they needed to procure a special permit since the sculpture appears to be so close to the ski run. I, for one, don’t think this is cute or clever. I demand an answer.

John Simpkins

Snowmass Village