Town Council can avoid another election |

Town Council can avoid another election

Recent remarks in a letter to the editor by Aspen Skiing Company CEO Pat O’Donnell are both defensive and absurd political posturing. Everyone in the Snowmass Village community knows the huge pressure placed on employees at all levels to vote “No” in last week’s initiative election. Why perpetrate a lie and then attack a citizen who exposed the truth?

Ironically, Mr. O’Donnell’s attack comes on the heels of the Aspen Skiing Company dodging a serious bullet. Is Mr. O’Donnell unaware of the message sent by voters? Snowmass Village remains a deeply divided community with 46 percent of the voters expressing a desire to restrict the Town Council from approving, without a vote of the people, the developer’s outrageously oversized proposal.

The majority of voters have chosen to allow the Council to complete its review of the Base Village application before weighing in on the final product. Several members of the Council have repeatedly stated that a referendum following final approval was the preferable method of allowing the public to express its opinion on Base Village.

My personal preference would be that all council members give serious consideration to the concerns expressed by citizens since last summer and at the polls last week. The Council can bring the community back together by responding to citizen input, rethinking their positions on mass and scale, insisting on adequate mitigation of all impacts, and reducing the size of Base Village. Responsible action by the Council now can eliminate the need for a referendum and another divisive election.

Jack Hatfield

Citizen, Snowmass Village


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