Town aids Krabloonik’s shocking conditions |

Town aids Krabloonik’s shocking conditions

Dear Editor:

The situation at Krabloonik is absolutely shocking. We are both shocked and dismayed to learn that the town actually leases public land to this inhumane operation. Time and time again Krabloonik has failed to comply with the law. How has this gone unchecked and continued to happen for so many years?

Although we are residents of Aspen, we believe that we are really just one community. For much too long Krabloonik’s treatment of its animals has been both shameful and embarrassing for all of us who live in the Aspen/Snowmass area.

Does the council really believe its citizens support this kind of activity? With such an incredible renaissance taking place in Snowmass Village, is supporting this kind of inhumane operation really the face the Town Council wants to present to visitors and residents?

We appreciate your thoughtful attention to this very urgent matter.

Dawn Shepard

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