Toward a ‘democrazy’ |

Toward a ‘democrazy’

Dear Editor: Just like that frothy scum that appears when polluted waters are agitated, Mick Ireland and other proud members of our little kakistocracy are foaming at the mouth again, trying to malign constituents and rejigger the facts. Democracy must scare them; they must secretly hate Aspen and America. Their car-disincentive program spews hundreds of gallons of unnecessary pollution into our air every day, as the roundabout calms us at the end of an HOV lane that is in contrast to state law and bogs us down into a stop-and-go stew. Don’t blame the government, it’s us voters. After more than 20 votes, we still haven’t voted the way they want on the entrance, nor did we give them their train. We have a city official providing a petition for a parking garage vote, then after the signatures are gathered, a city official declares the petition they provided illegal, denying the vote. The raping of these rights, along with the Wilkinson’s rights and so many others’ rights, means it is becoming our very own rights that are disappearing before our eyes. Here we are, living in a time when we could vote from our homes, using our phone and Social Security number to create a paper ballot that is then recorded and mailed to the voter for confirmation. But no, they would rather provide us with voting machines that leave no paper trail … a big step away from those hanging chads. If we the people cannot attain accountability locally, how can we ever expect to attain it nationally? Is this really a democracy or just plain demo-crazy?Roger HollowellAspen

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