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Tourist repellent

Dear Editor:

I work a few days a month for a couple in the 600 block of West Francis Street. The other day I received a $40 parking ticket while parked on their private property. I’m in the process of disputing that ticket.

Finding the ticket on my windshield sufficiently raised my blood pressure and got me thinking about all the people who drive to Aspen every day, and how welcomed visitors must feel when they find one of these.

As a general comment, I believe that Aspen’s ridiculous parking enforcement is driving people away. Since moving out of Aspen to my home in Carbondale eight years ago, I seldom come to Aspen because of the parking hassles. I find the meter system to be confusing to visitors. I wonder how many times I’ve explained it to tourists at the pay stations. As if the downtown retailers aren’t struggling enough, would-be shoppers have to rush back to their vehicles to avoid tickets … even during offseason.

A friend of mine from Loveland told me more than 10 years ago that she was attending a conference at the Little Nell and received a $60 parking ticket. She swore she’d never come back to Aspen, and she’s stuck to that promise. Her large family of skiers have traveled far and wide to ski, but not to Aspen. I would imagine her tale has scared others off too.

I would also like to comment on the price of parking tickets in Aspen. Is the city trying to keep up with Aspen Skiing Co. for having the highest prices in the country? Good grief!

Gina Shaw



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