Tourism trending down in Snowmass through March

Hector Hernandez Rivera, left, a former Marine, celebrates during a day out with the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic on Thursday, March 30, 2023, at Snowmass Ski Area. The clinic will return to Snowmass April 1-7, 2024.
Austin Colbert/The Aspen Times

As of Oct. 31, paid occupancy in Snowmass is down slightly from last year’s numbers from November through March 2024, according to the latest Destimetrics report presented at the Nov. 9 Snowmass Tourism Talk.

November is down 1.4%, December is down 2%, January is down 6%, February is down 2%, and March down 21%.

“December is interesting. The first week of January should be very strong,” Snowmass Tourism Director Rose Abello said. “When Christmas falls (on a Monday) as it does this year, it seems like a lot of schools aren’t out until that Friday before Christmas, and so that first week of January they still have holiday, so that first week of January should be as strong as traditionally Christmas week, but Christmas will always fill in.”

Even though the occupancies are down from December through March, the average daily rate as of Oct. 31 is flat in December but up from January through March.

“I’m cautiously optimistic. I think that what we’re seeing is that – I’ve said this every time – the incredible demand we have had, the abundance of demand we have had, in the last several years just isn’t there right now, so we’re working harder,” Abello said.

For the entire winter season, Snowmass is down 1% in room nights booked, according to her. November is down 7.23% in room nights booked, December is up 5.79%, January is down 4.99%, February is up 3.45%, March is down 20.15%, and April is up 90.15%.

Snowmass is hosting the National Disable Veterans Winter Sports Clinic from April 1-7, which will bring nearly 400 veterans to the Village. Last year, this event fell in March, which accounts for the steep drop in occupancy in March between last year and this year.

In terms of revenue on the books, Abello said the 2023-2024 winter season is up 9% from last year’s revenue.


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