Tourism services need improvement |

Tourism services need improvement

Dear Editor:Money, money, money.We need it, we all love it and sometimes we all hate it. I have to complain to the local banks in Aspen about how they treat their tourists. I have to spend some time overseas and I tried to exchange some euros at my local bank in Aspen.The dollar is the most floating currency all over the world and therefore easy to copy. And by the way, which idiot came up with the idea to give all the notes the same color and size?Then there is the neat euro, at the moment very difficult to fake. Sorry, but this time the “sauerkraut eater” did a good job. Anyway, the highly educated bank teller person told me it might take 1 to 2 months and it will cost a lot of fees, cutting the amount of money almost in half.By that time (1-2 months) a lot of things could happen: I could fly around the world approximately 20 times and would still be waiting for the financial transaction.You could follow the money on a horse and you would still be faster. A man could get married and divorced and he could even do the same mistake twice and be bankrupt by then, because love makes man blind!A woman could have a lover or lots of admirers every other night and will be a multimillionaire after two months. Well, all I wanted to say is: Aspen has to become more tourist friendly in this field, otherwise all the euros won’t be spend in Aspen anymore!Another day, another dollar! Another two months, another lost European tourist!Agerton v.d. GoltzBremen, Germany

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