Tough to let go of John |

Tough to let go of John

There have been a lot of good letters over the past few weeks concerning Hal Thau’s continued mining of John Denver gold. It put me in mind of something I used to say, even before John died: There ought to be a 12-step program to get over working with or for JD.

There was this guy who used to try to raise money for Windstar or something. Five years after John let him go, his only topic of conversation was the time he spent with him and the way that everybody who had any hand in John’s career was blowing it. Even now, this guy has a Web site where he sells the T-shirts and records he stole or bootlegged.

John had the uncanny ability to make anyone feel like they were the most important person in his life. It didn’t matter if you were in the fourth row of a concert or an autograph line or across from him in a guitar-pull.

I’d just be careful if I were them, bragging about being such a good friend. Seems to me, he was sorely lacking in the area of friendship at the end.

Jimmy Ibbotson

Woody Creek

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