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Tough answers

Nate Peterson

And now, some of the best questions asked during chairlift rides this season.1. “What kind of machine do they use to create the runs with the bumps?” – from a Midwestern college student during a ride up Ajax Express in late December.2. “Why do they make just a halfpipe? Why don’t they make a full pipe?” – from an older woman riding up the West Buttermilk Express last week.3. “Oh, so you cover the X Games? Bode Miller is in that, right?” – on the same chair ride, from one of the woman’s friends.4. “Where is the bar with all the hot chicks?” – from a twentysomething guy while riding up the gondola at Ajax last month.5. “We saw the McDonald’s near the bus stop. Where is there a Wendy’s or a Taco Bell?” – from another twentysomething guy with his girlfriend during a ride up Ruthie’s lift at Ajax last month.6. “So what’s Ajax? Is that the newest mountain?” – from a middle-aged gentleman during a ride up the Big Burn at Snowmass.7. “Can you tell me where Kevin Costner’s house is?” – from a middle-aged woman during a ride up Ruthie’s at Ajax.8. “Aren’t these called the Bambi Glades?” – from a woman in the gondola above Bingo Glades.Avalanche reportThe backcountry avalanche danger in the central mountains is moderate near and above treeline. In the Elk Range/Aspen zone there are pockets of considerable danger on NW-N-E aspects near and above treeline. Below treeline the avalanche danger is low with areas of moderate danger on slopes near 35 degrees and steeper.Avalanche danger details provided by the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. For more information, call 920-1664 or visit