Total traffic stupidity |

Total traffic stupidity

Dear Editor:

Those of you who don’t like the rush hour back-up on Highway 82 caused by the red light at Cemetery Lane and at the golf course were expecting an improvement.

Wrong! The present lane restrictions, double stripes, dotted lane swings, no speed limit signs from Owl Creek Road to Cemetery Lane, bus lanes (no cars allowed) and double fine signs are a testimony of total stupidity.

Not only the Colorado DOT design geniuses, but where is the Aspen council on “back ups.” I’ll tell you where, they like the chaos. Strange, but true. If they had any brains, the new four lanes would be used for all. The lights at Cemetery Lane and the golf course should be off at rush hour, with only a minor inconvenience to turning onto, or off of, Highway 82 at those intersections. See my previous letter for details.

Once again, Colorado DOT and Aspen mayor and council members have failed on the rush hour backup. I’ll bet they really love it! A new bridge, extra lanes ” useless!

Richard C. Goodwin

Snowmass Village

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