Total atonement |

Total atonement

(This letter was originally addressed to “Mr. Bush.”)Dear Editor:There is a sure and quick healing for “People Insane With a Desire for Justice” and that is to feel compassion for them and atone for the grief we cause. Jews, Muslims, Christians and Buddhists know atonement is the understanding that one has been off the mark. It is the heartfelt plea for forgiveness from the offended ones, and a turn in a new direction, using new eyes.For Muslims living in oil-rich or pipeline-critical countries invested in by U.S. oil, it might be the utter realization that insane killing for revenge can never bring peace to their tormented hearts or healing to their assaulted land and people.Americans in turn might come to understand that we have become the rubes for an utterly ruthless, fearful, cunning and deadly cabal. Our submission allows that influence to divert our resources from American education, environment, transportation, public health, mental health, disaster reconstruction and international health and good will. Our efforts now war on sovereign nations that control resources important to oil profits.Putting ourselves in the shoes of people we forcefully occupy, even in the name of liberation, should bring compassion to the fore. We have much we can atone for American injustices.John HoffmannCarbondale