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Torturous methods

Dear Editor:

Yesterday, March 19, was the 5th anniversary of our invasion of Iraq and as if by magic, it suddenly came to me how to ascertain once and for all both whether or not “water-boarding” is torture and whether or not it is effective ” by water-boarding President George W. Bush until he agrees to pronounce correctly the word “nuclear.” Of course, he may not be aware that he is mispronouncing it, but we won’t know that until we begin to water-board him.

And on the other hand, being as stubborn as he is, he might insist on his mispronunciation just to demonstrate that water-boarding is not torture. Then again, he wouldn’t want to do that because it would illustrate what a useless technique it is for getting information. I bet, instead, he would choose to pronounce it correctly just to show us that water-boarding works and then, once the water-boarding had stopped, he would go back to pronouncing it incorrectly. Then we could impeach him for bad pronunciation.

Happy 5th anniversary, George.

Jim Breasted