Torre, Goshorn camps boosted Myrin support in Aspen runoff election |

Torre, Goshorn camps boosted Myrin support in Aspen runoff election

Karl Herchenroeder
The Aspen Times

After handing Mick Ireland his first loss for an elected seat in Aspen in a decisive victory Tuesday, Bert Myrin is set to take office Monday when the Aspen City Council will welcome its newest member to the board.

Two voter bases that may have added to the 65.6 percent confidence Myrin saw Tuesday were those of former Councilman Torre and council hopeful Marcia Goshorn. The latter said Wednesday that she and Torre urged their supporters to vote for Myrin in the runoff election. Goshorn garnered 443 votes in the May 5 council race, while Torre registered 1,048 votes in the mayoral race.

“The one thing that all my supporters believe is that we needed a new voice on City Council, and we needed someone who actually could rock the boat and rattle cages,” Goshorn said.

Myrin supporter Steve Goldenberg also confirmed that both Torre and Goshorn voter bases delivered a significant amount of votes in the runoff election. Goldenberg described the 1,305-684 decision as an “avalanche.”

“The biggest one would have been Torre,” Goldenberg said. “If you took Torre and Marcia, that alone would account for the avalanche. If Torre and Marcia both got their voters, which they both said they would, then that would make a victory into an avalanche.”

Aspen’s 2015 election season drew some unexpected alliances. Most notably was the Republican-Democratic cooperative support for Referendum 1, which resulted in a Home Rule Charter amendment that made Aspen’s electorate the final authority on specific council-granted land-use variances. Goldenberg said he and retired tax attorney Maurice Emmer, both Republicans, worked closely on the referendum with its author Myrin, who was affiliated with the Democratic party until Tuesday.

“Better than anything else was the way that Republicans and Democrats worked together on Referendum 1 in particular,” Goldenberg said.

Democratic support for the referendum included party chairwoman Blanca O’Leary, her husband Cavanaugh O’Leary and Ireland. Goldenberg said it was first time he had spoken with Ireland “in years.”

A well-known Republican who also stepped into Myrin’s corner was Red Ant blogger Elizabeth Milias, who said Wednesday that she whole-heartedly supported the referendum author in the runoff election. As she put it, Ireland rolled out “Aspen’s A-team,” with endorsements coming from Sheriff Joe DiSalvo, former Sheriff Bob Braudis and the entire council, excluding outgoing Councilman Dwayne Romero.

“I don’t think anyone expected such a landslide,” Milias said. “Given all of the endorsement by Aspen’s political old guard of late, I’d have to say it made me a little nervous.”

Milias also noted that Myrin overcame Ireland endorsements from both local newspapers. But the biggest hurdle, Milias said, was the lack of support from his own party, with the O’Learys giving their support to Ireland in the runoff.

Myrin is scheduled to be sworn in after council handles old business at Monday’s meeting.