Top-notch production

Dear Editor:

A few weeks before the opening of Aspen Community Theatre’s production of “Crazy for You,” co-producer Rita Hunter said to me, “This one is going to knock your socks off.” The morning after the opening night, Rita said, “It is such a privilege for me to have a part in creating a place where the incredibly talented people in this valley can give their gifts.”

Bull’s-eye. Bingo. On both counts.

And thanks to you, Rita, for the part you play in making it happen in such an excellent way.

It sounds horribly trite, but there really are no words to adequately describe this year’s production. Superlatives fail. The music, the singing and action, the dancing (!!!), the sets, the costumes and props, the sound, the lighting … over the top – all of it.

And what a great way to enjoy, appreciate and applaud the efforts and offerings of friends … a huge plus, always, for community theater.

Huge congratulations, and endless thanks, to everyone who contributed in presenting “Crazy for You.” Thanks for giving our community the first gift of the holiday season. It is a great one! And now the snow – the second gift!

Nancy and Wolf Gensch

Snowmass Village


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