Top-notch medical care

Editor’s note: The following letter I sent to Dave Ressler, CEO of Aspen Valley Hospital.

Dear Editor:

I had to pay a visit to Aspen Valley Hospital last week following a bike accident. While the crash obviously was not a great experience, I wanted to let you know that the treatment I received at the hospital was.

From the initial crash through the point of discharge, everyone was wonderful. I’d like to thank Donny from the city Parking Department and the nurse walking by who took care of me until the ambulance arrived, Mike Lyons and the ambulance crew, Maryellen Secrist, nurses Janice, Kara, Meghan and the many others who took such good care of me.

In addition, I would like to thank physicians Bud Glismann, for taking charge of my care and putting me at ease; Natasha Knight, for consulting on my treatment throughout the evening; Amy Goodman for expertly managing the pain; and Jason Martin, who, while not on call and trying to get out of town, nevertheless came in to stitch me back together.

There were many more who helped and while I don’t remember their names, I do remember that each one gave me the best of care. While AVH is a small hospital, I firmly believe the treatment I received there was as good as I would receive at any hospital. The personal, friendly attention from everyone I met is what truly sets AVH apart.

Finally, for everyone reading this letter, don’t be like me! While I always wear a helmet while going for an official “ride,” I fell prey to the thinking that just going a few blocks in town was somehow different. Well, obviously that’s not true, and it is only by the grace of God (and the expert care at AVH) that I came out of this as well as I did.

Wear your helmet every time you get on your bike!

Anne Marie McPhee