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Top-notch injury care

Dear Editor:I have come to Aspen in January to ski for more than 20 years due in large part to the availability of Shelly and Don Weast’s condo at the Aspen East Townhouses on Durant Street. During my last visit we were skiing at Aspen Highlands, and my grandson was taking a lesson when he fell and broke his wrist. His break was as good a situation as it could have been and he is fine. The Highlands ski school personnel, the ski patrol and the Aspen Skiing Co. could not have been more concerned, cooperative and helpful. We could not have asked for better emergency room care than he received at the Aspen hospital. I would like to mention Incline Ski Rental and Optical Options as being very helpful. Every person and business that I dealt with during this mishap would have to be rated a 10-plus. The professionalism, courtesy and concern displayed by everyone are the reason that we return to your beautiful community every year.Robert L. GunnPlano, Texas