Top 5 most-read stories: Shaun White embraces retirement; Egg shortage hits Aspen |

Top 5 most-read stories: Shaun White embraces retirement; Egg shortage hits Aspen

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We’ve rounded up the top five most-read stories on from last week.

1.) Shaun White embraces retirement, seeks to find his new place within snowboarding

Retirement is treating Shaun White well. Most days.

Driving by Copper Mountain earlier this season, he felt that blip of competition adrenaline begin to set in before realizing those days are now behind him. He also popped his shoulder out of socket doing a basic butter on his snowboard, something the now 36-year-old credits to old age.

Undoubtedly, it’s the start of a new era for the snowboard legend.

Austin Colbert

2.) In winter especially, mountain lions are all around us, even if we can’t see them

As snow blankets the High Country, evidence of all four-legged residents is captured in soft footprints across the white landscape. Hooves of many shapes and sizes appear, sometimes in abundant swirls, indicating the presence of entire herds of deer and elk. Where such activity is visible, the proximity of another four-legged neighbor is inevitable. Mostly invisible, mountain lions are sometimes lurking just a couple dozen yards away. Most of the time, we never know it.

Majestic, elegant, and beautiful as they are, mountain lions are predators. Depending on the circumstances, they’re not altogether harmless. It’s important that we humans take certain precautions, so all can coexist harmoniously.

“Deer live in everybody’s backyards,” said Colorado Parks and Wildlife District Wildlife Manager Matt Yamashita. “That’s a major contribution to human and lion conflict. Mountain lions don’t discriminate between food sources. If there’s a deer there one day and a dog the other, it’s all the same to them.”

Shauna Farnell

3.) Egg shortage hits Aspen, with high demand, avian flu as contributing factors

Those in need of eggs for cooking and baking are out of luck due to an egg shortage sweeping the Roaring Fork Valley.

This news shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who has been looking for eggs the past few days. City Market in Basalt and Carbondale have had signs limiting customers to two cartons per customer. Now, many of the stores are completely out of eggs.

City Market in Aspen posted a sign in its egg section this week that read, “Attention customers at this time we are completely out of eggs. Sorry for the inconvenience.” Traveling downvalley for eggs won’t help either. The Whole Foods in Basalt has a similar sign posted over the refrigerator section where the eggs should be.

Audrey Ryan

4.) Coupe de Steal: Pitkin deputies investigate package thefts caught on video

It couldn’t have been more blatant, and it was all caught on video. Now, police are following leads to try to catch the Christmas morning grinches of the Crystal Valley.

Video surveillance captured by the property owner and shared on social media as well as with the Post Independent shows a car drive up to a private mailbox kiosk along southbound Colorado Highway 133 in a greenish-colored, two-door coupe.

It’s been a common occurrence at rural mailbox sites in the area and particularly up the rural but easily accessible Crystal River Valley, Pitkin County Sheriff Chief Deputy of Operations Parker Lathrop said.

John Stroud, Post Independent

5.) Snowmass resident’s physical plight threatens housing

A resident is on the brink of losing his home in Snowmass Village because he hasn’t been working enough to meet worker-housing requirements, which he said is due to physical disabilities and medical hardships. 

Robert Kemp has been in a three-year struggle with the town of Snowmass Village to keep his Creekside Condominium housing unit that he acquired in 2004. 

He has lived in Snowmass Village for a total of 33 years. His jobs have included driving shuttles for Snowmass Village and Aspen Community School. Most recently, he was in the process of developing a home business that focused on providing STEM education to students during school breaks, he said.

Audrey Ryan

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