Too young for Memorial Day |

Too young for Memorial Day

Dear Editor:

I thought that 30,000 children dying of starvation every day was bad


I thought that extreme poverty was bad enough.

I thought that millions of Africans dying of AIDS was bad enough.

I thought that tribal wars were bad enough.

I thought that refugees in the millions were bad enough.

I thought that ethnic genocide was bad enough.

I thought that oppression of women was bad enough.

I thought that female genital mutilation was bad enough.

I thought that children being sold into a sex trade was bad enough.

I thought that people still being bought and sold as slaves was bad enough.

I thought that using children in pornography was bad enough.

I thought that land mines were bad enough.

Well, here’s one that’s finally bad enough.

A new book titled “Children At War” tells about the global use of children as soldiers. It is happening in at least three African countries as well as many other places. Boys (and sometimes girls) as young as 9 years old are forcibly recruited and then used as shields or cannon fodder. If they try to run away, they are beaten or killed. Sometimes they are given drugs to blunt their fear and pain, sometimes not.

This is how sick humanity is. This is the worst depravity because it violates the essence of a child. The violation is affecting an entire generation, and the loss is incalculable. The book (by P.W. Singer) calls it “the destruction of childhood.” It’s so commonplace there’s already a psychological term for it.

Humanity has not evolved at all. We have devolved. We have gone backward.

I couldn’t check the book out of the library, so it’s still there for anyone who has a stronger stomach than I do.

Yet before we get so depressed that we want to fall on the floor and never get up again, I would like to propose something. It’s a small thing, but it’s powerful. And it just might save humanity’s soul.

I invite everyone reading this to join hearts and minds with me today, Memorial Day, for one minute at noon. During that minute, we will send up to heaven a prayer, a meditation, a request ” intended to go directly into the hearts of adults involved in the destruction of children.

If we mentally create a vision of Light and Love and Peace, and then send that vision to these adults, perhaps we will change a heart or two.

A change in even one person is better than no change at all. “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?”



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