Too small for 12,000 people |

Too small for 12,000 people

Dear Editor:

I attended the now infamous Sunday Labor Day show and had to sit in the vendor village because there was no room in the main event area to sit or even stand. I believe that by buying my ticket to Sunday’s show, I bought the right to see that show in the main venue and not on a screen next door. Jim, you say you’d like to see the festival continue to expand, more power to you, but you can’t expand attendance without more space! And, it’s just not right (or maybe even legal) to sell a ticket and not have the space for that person in the main venue. It’s just not right!

And to the Town of Snowmass Village and all the officials who sign off on the special use permit, the permit that allows Jazz Aspen Snowmass to have 12,000 people per day attend the Labor Day Festival. Would you please carefully look at what happened on Sunday and realize the problems were not all just logistics that can be handled differently next time; the problem was too many people for this venue. For next year remember that in its current configuration, this venue cannot safely contain 12,000 people in the main event area. The main event area either needs to be enlarged or the number of attendees needs to be reduced, plain and simple.

Sara Samuels

Glenwood Springs