Too rich for even Aspen’s blood |

Too rich for even Aspen’s blood

Dear Editor:A few days after the Lodge at Aspen Mountain was denied, I had occasion to notice that traffic in and out of Aspen in the middle of the afternoon was horrendous. In addition, every hotel and lodge in Aspen had a “vacancy” sign out. And remember, virtually every timeshare or fractional residence is operated as a hotel, which in fact adds and continues to add hotel rooms in the city. Furthermore, virtually every business owner I talk with in Aspen says it is becoming impossible to find employees (possibly with the sole exception of real estate sales offices).The point is, has anyone conducted a study to determine whether there is a need for more hotel rooms in Aspen? It appears not only is there no need, but a first class hotel (as the proposed lodge would have been) will only bring added traffic and congestion, and add to the existing shortage of available employees.Aspen is a wonderful tourist destination. Do not ruin it by approving larger and fancier, yet unnecessary, hotels, condominiums and homes, merely to appeal to the extremely wealthy few.Eric A. SimonBoca Raton, Fla.

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