Too much zeal by officer |

Too much zeal by officer

Dear Editor:

We have been blessed with great chiefs of police here in Basalt – Keith Ikeda and now Roderick O’Connor.

I am hoping that with Roderick’s study of aikido he sheds some light on the midvalley police force. Recently I was unloading my car at the recycling center. I stopped the car, left it running, got out and began to unload my cardboard boxes that were flattened and in the back seat.

I was approached by a police officer who asked me to turn off my car. I told him that it was going to take me less than two minutes (as there is a two-minute idle law in Basalt). He proceeded to stand behind me, looking at his watch, timing me!

I finished unloading the cardboard boxes – which I can’t put in my curbside recycling, so I had to make a special trip. The police officer informed me that I took two minutes (perhaps if I hadn’t been talking with him it would have taken less time).

Please, Roderick, teach your force that the one who attacks loses!

Cindy Madsen Buck