Too much toxic glitter |

Too much toxic glitter

Dear Editor:I would like to second Tim Cooney’s letter objecting to the glossy new covers that sometimes deface The Aspen Times. Like him, I shake out the slick cardboard and assorted junk and heap it back on the newspapers waiting for the next customer, and now I peel off the offending covers. Ultimately, whoever delivers papers for the Times has to contend with it.It seems callous that during our increasing concern for our Earth’s future, we are lacing our newsprint, which is half of all recycled material, with paper glitz that can’t be recycled. I note that the Aspen Daily News, which is locally-owned, sticks to newsprint, while the Times, which is owned by an outside corporation, it is increasing its use of toxic glitter. Is this coincidence or imposed company policy?Bruce BergerAspen

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