Too much sex in previews |

Too much sex in previews

Chris King

(This letter was originally addressed to Carmike Theatres.)

Instead of bringing my kids to any more movies, from now on I resolve to rely on home videos. Let me tell you why.

Today we went to see a family movie at Carmike in Aspen (Stage 3). Before it started, I had to sit while film previews ” “approved for all ages” ” rubbed generous helpings of gaudy sex into the wide-open eyes of my preteen girls.

I refer specifically to the male frontal nudity (the man is making a direct play for sex with a vulnerable woman) in the preview for “13 Going on 30.” Then, in the preview for “Along Came Polly,” a woman grinds her middles like a bitch in heat atop some man, the camera focusing closely on her undulating and quite emphatic buttocks.

In order to keep my girls out of range of your twisted idea of appropriate family viewing, as I say, we will be doing our watching at home, NOT at theaters.