Too much overmuchness |

Too much overmuchness

Dear Editor:Much like Teresa Heinz Kerry coming to the aid of her trophy husband, Ann Bucksbaum Friedman (letters, July 18) tsk-tsks your columnist Paul Andersen for having the audacity to expose her and her husband’s excesses (“Friedman’s green world,” July 16).As “guardians of the environment,” I am delighted that they are financially equipped to drill 10,000-foot wells and plant hundreds of trees and scores of thousands of flowers in their effort to help save the planet. But on the larger issue of the Bucksbaum-Friedmans’ true carbon footprint, it may take more than driving a Prius or owning a “green” $10 million house to atone for their overmuchness; it may take the Bucksbaum family’s entire $4 billion fortune to offset those 200 million square feet of concrete and steel mall space that they heat and air-condition 24/7.Keith SchupbachScottsdale, Ariz.

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