Too much liberal Kool-Aid |

Too much liberal Kool-Aid

Dear Editor:(This letter was originally addressed to Times columnist Su Lum.)I could not let your column of Sept. 22 get by without serious comment. I think you should stay with puppies, flying, aspen leaves turning gold, cuddly bears, recipes and other niceties. Every time you decide to delve into politics, the water gets too deep, and you flounder. “Politics” requires research, knowledge and factual information before launching into a tirade. You seem to have fallen for the “Anybody but Bush” clamor of the Democrats, liberals and Michael Moore. Oh, include John Edwards in the group.Where did you get the idea that President Bush would reinstate the draft? “Smells like the return of the draft to me,” is your quote. Michael Moore is preaching this to college students in his 60-college “diatribe tour.” This is all lies as is usual with him. John Edwards raised this “fact” in a recent campaign stop – more lies.President Bush has never raised, or even considered, the idea of reinstating the draft, and in fact, could not, because the whole order has to be passed in Congress before being submitted to him for signature.Whose suggestion was it then? Hallelujah, heavens to Betsy – guess who? Would you believe Charles Rangel, Democratic U.S. congressman from New York, introduced a bill in January 2003 to reinstate the draft, and was supported by Democratic Sen. Ernest Hollings, South Carolina.Not Republicans, not, your quote “Bush (and by “Bush,” I mean Cheney and the gang),” but your beloved Democratic congressman and Democratic senator. Then, add mealy-mouthed, lying, sleazy Michael Moore’s tirades and John Edwards/Kerry’s misinformation, and of course you “should all be very afraid.” (Your quote again).I think your additional physical description and personal attacks on the person of the president and “Cheney and the gang” are undignified and way beneath your usual intelligent writing. But then maybe you have been partaking of too much of the Democrat and liberal political Kool-Aid.Lighten up, stay away from politics and hate, and resume your “normal” column. It was better that way. Then vote your conscience.Peter Nicklin Aspen