Too much bull from rodeo organizer |

Too much bull from rodeo organizer

Dear Editor:Regarding John Colson’s article about the Carbondale Rodeo in Tuesday’s Aspen Times, I felt the need to respond to Roger Frahm’s bull. As always, there are two sides to every story and the truth … probably somewhere in the middle.First of all, this invisible “representative,” who was in town for a couple of weeks soliciting local sponsors, didn’t call on any local businesses that I am aware of and no one saw him (her) either. Did anyone see any advertising about the rodeo? Anyone see anything asking for support in the last couple of weeks? I sure didn’t.As far as the town government and the Arena Committee not being as “helpful as he’d like,” what exactly does this private enterprise (this is not a nonprofit organization) want the town and the committee to do for him? Write him a blank check? Last year, the Town Economic Council provided him with a loan (not paid back). The town, along with the Arena Committee, spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours getting the arena ready, including new chute gates, new water troughs for stock, repairing fences, painting, building gates, improving the arena surface, drilling a new domestic well, buying bleachers (which can be moved to other town events), building a new concession area with bathrooms (also a warming hut for skaters) and so on. Call this a lack of support?Let’s go on. This year the town has also improved the dust-suppression system for the arena surface, done additional surface work and fence/gate repairs getting ready for the rodeo, which I don’t think Mr. Frahm had any intentions of following through with, but he didn’t admit it sooner.He said that he needed a fence taken down to allow parking in the adjacent pasture field and the town refused. He failed to mention that the town put a double gate in that fence last year (approximately 20-feet wide) and the field was used for parking at each and every rodeo. There was no need to remove the fence. A horse could drive a car through that gate and park it.The final “obstacle” in Mr. Frahm’s opinion was the sound system, mainly the speakers. As he stated, he bought those for the town as part of a full sound system, which then became town of Carbondale property as payment for the facility for last year’s rodeos. Two to three weeks ago (not the end of last season) he came up and took the large speakers to his other rodeo in Fruita which is still going and left four small ones for the town that have to be mounted on poles along the arena, wire strung and so on. He said the large speakers were “too powerful” and might bother the neighbors. Give me a break! He did not concern himself all last summer about that … why now? Furthermore, I am a neighbor and I can tell you that no one that I am aware of ever complained. We were all there supporting the rodeos. It would appear he needed the town of Carbondale property (the large speakers) in Fruita, and knowing (three weeks ago) that he was not coming back, he figured he’d better get ’em quick. It’s not about why the town “can’t buy a hundred feet of wire” as he stated (testily) in the article, it’s about why he removed something that was not his to remove.In closing, lots of folks in town supported the rodeos and had lots of fun there and would like to see them continue. The town of Carbondale and the Arena Committee both have a big investment here and want the rodeos to continue. However, if they are not economically feasible, certainly they cannot continue. But Mr. Frahm, let’s not try to blame everyone else if your business venture isn’t making the money you’d like it to. We don’t need that kind of bull at the arena.Mike KennedyArena Committee Chairman

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